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Click to hear me speak!Hi! Welcome to Anson Kennedy's Home Page! My name's Maggie, and I run with Anson's pack! He's our leader. Anson asked me if I'd help him out on the Information Superhighway and I said, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" What else could I do? I'm a dog (a tricolor Collie mix). I'm eleven years old and weigh around 80 pounds! That's something, 'cause I was an eleven pound ball of fur -- just 8 weeks old -- when Anson got me! I was named after the little baby on The Simpsons. Over twelve years later, she's still a baby! Go figure. Click my picture on the left to hear me speak!

Cool, huh? Well, I'm really getting into this Internet-Web-thing! It's great! I've found a bunch of friends. But you have to be real careful 'cause sometimes people will fool you. I met this really nice sounding Great Dane on a chat channel and you know what? When we met I found out he was a Chihuahua! Grrr! I hate it when that happens! So I ate him! But guess what! I found out a few months ago that not all Chihuahuas are bad!

If you want to learn more about my life with Anson (and who doesn't?), then just click on About Us. You can see even more pictures of me in our Photo Album. Anson and I have also listed our Favorite Sites here. You can check out what Anson's reading in his Library. And don't forget to leave a message in our Guestbook!

Hey! Guess what! I just found out about these things called "web rings"! Look here for the rings I belong to!

And guess what again! I got an AWARD! Yep! That's right! Maggie's gone and won herself an AWARD! Look here to see it!

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